It Works! The Ultimate Makeover

It Works Ultimate Makeover  (watch the video)


It Works!® started in 2001 and is now debt-free and expanding all over the world. But no matter how big we grow, we’ll always do things at It Works! our way: the It Works! way.

In 2011, It Works! was ranked on Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in its category.

How The Ultimate Body Applicator Works

Detoxifies: This product penetrates into the deep tissue and enters into the fat cells…we all know the fat cells store toxins. Our product releases those toxins, we then get some shrinkage of the cells. Ingredients are all natural plant extracts, botanicals, and herbals. The products do not destroy the fat cells themselves.

Lipolysis: This is a natural process. Fat cells store excess food for energy in case you need it. The problem is we keep eating or do not get enough activity to use up this energy and stored food in the fat cells. Therefore, our fat cells get larger and so do we. The ingredients in the wrap enhance your bodyʼs natural ability to chop up these large fat molecules into little fat molecules. This process is called Lipolysis. Then the smaller pieces are allowed to leave the fat cell creating shrinkage of the fat cells AND you and I!

Micro Circulation: The product improves the micro circulation to the area that it is applied. Every time you increase the micro circulation to an area, you get tightening, toning, and firming as a result.

Anti Inflammatory Effect: Anytime you reduce the inflammation in the area, you are going to see possible inch loss as a result. You are also going to see tightening, toning, and firming

Overall, the Ultimate Body Applicator = GOOD FOOD FOR THE SKIN!!!
The Ultimate Makeover

It Works! offers the world’s first naturally based body contouring line that delivers maximum results in minimal time. You simply won’t find anything like it in the world today.

The It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator has been featured in the Emmy® and Oscar® Awards celebrity gift suites, as well as promoted by celebrity makeup artists on movie sets.

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